Cauliflower: Not just my nickname..

I finally gave in and tried this cauliflower rice shenanigans. I have to hand it to you, cauliflower. You’re pretty alright!

I got some pointers how to make a good batch and gave it a shot because I’ve been eating way too much rice lately! It’s not horrible for you but it’s a lot of calories. 

So essentially, you cut your cauli into pieces so you can jam it into a food processor. 

Place in a bowl and run some other yummy things through the processor like parsley and onions. 

I’m sure you could add anything and it would be delicious. Fry up the onions and such in a big pan then when they are soft, add your cauli. Fry it for a few minutes until everything is all mixed in.

Add a tiny bit of broth and cover for another 5 min and you’re good to go! So much faster than rice and it tastes bomb ass. 

I also grilled some asparagus and threw some gang signs. 


BBQ some chicken and you got yourself one healthy dinner!

  Does anyone else think my chicken looks like a frog? This is like a 500 calorie dinner and I was full. Karlin said it was delicious but was still hungry but he’s a boy and can’t keep weight ON.. So I just made him eat ice cream after with PB2 and he was fine.. 

I’ve also discovered the beauty of mustard again. When I was gluten free I went to mustard when I needed flavour and happiness. I’m back again and man do I love mustard. I made a 400 calorie turkey sandwich and it was fucking delicious. Mostly due to the mustard! 

So it’s been a delicious week in food, despite being on a 1200 calorie diet. Tonight is Turkey spaghetti with spaghetti squash and I’m looking forward to bathing in Parmesan cheese. I could gargle with that shit. 

Down 2 pounds and almost back to my pre-may-long self. Pre-10000-beers.