3 Daily Practices I’ve Adopted

I’ve been making a lot of self discoveries lately. Maybe because I’m turning 30 this year and I’ve been reflecting on where the fuck I’m going to go from here. Maybe because I’ve just figured out how to slow things down. I don’t know. But things have started changing and I’ve made a very mental and physical attempt to find spontaneity within my routine. I have been listening to a lot of quiet places and a lot of loud places and have felt this overwhelming need to make more space in my head for all these new sensations and ideas. I have been picking little.. rituals? I guess you can call them rituals. Little things from a lot of different places that just resonate with me. And I’ve been practicing them every day and I think I’m becoming a way happier person than I ever imagined possible. I thought I’d share just a few of them.

Wake up and be still in the morning.

I found myself in this habit of rolling over and grabbing my phone and slipping into the land of social media. I’d lie in bed for at least half an hour just scrolling through shit and all of this, whether I was aware of it or not, was dictating how I felt all day. Most the time, it was shitty or guilty. Shitty that I went another day without hitting the gym and how beautiful my idols looked on IG. Guilty that I ate a burger when I saw pictures of beautiful salads and vegan shit. Lonely when I saw pictures of my friends far away having a fucking blast without me. It really started to take a toll on me. So I’ve made an effort to wake up, roll out of bed, put the kettle on, let the puppy out and then I just sit with my tea. Sometimes I do some yoga. Sometimes I just sit and enjoy the silence. I wait until I’ve worked out and eaten before I look at my phone and am finding I am way more motivated and ambitious. 

Drink hot lemon tea.

It’s my jam. I’m borderline obsessed. Supposedly it gets your poop machine rolling and is good for all your physiological systems. It wakes me up and gives me a possibly false feeling of being healthy. Maybe it does nothing? I don’t know. Just do it.

The grass is fine right where you are.

This is sort of ironic because I literally live in a gravel pit with no grass. But I am consciously making an effort not to set myself up in the following way: IF I do this, THEN I will be happy/satisfied. Things are pretty damn awesome right this moment. It’s great to have goals and plans for the future. I really want to get my yoga business running and have plans on how I’m going to get to that point. But I am also really fucking happy right this moment. I have food, shelter, and so much fucking love it’s grosssss. Some people don’t have any of that. So instead of making lists and formulas of ways to get to the greener grass so that I can be happy, I make lists of things that I already have accomplished and stare at that for a while. Good work, Colleen. You fucking rule. Yes I would be happy to lose a few pounds. Make a million dollars. But a bunch of new clothes. But my gut keeps me warm. I’ve got all that I need. And if I wanted more outfit choices, I could just lose a few pounds and then all my old clothes would fit again. So I have everything I need right now. Except literal grass.  

Anywho, as I am writing this we have contractors installing beautiful cork floors in the studio. I might explode with joy. I will post pics once they are done but here are some befores:

I am going to go get some sun on my see through ass and drink some rosé. 🙏🏻💋🕶🍷🌮💁ૐ


4 Things I Debate Daily

Every single morning I wake up and make a mental note of some of the things I’d like to accomplish during the day. Some days there are very specific things like “buy groceries so you can feed yourself”, or “wash your hair because it smells like a sewer”. I have noticed, however, that there are 4 things that I constantly struggle and debate over. 

1) Should I workout or be a sloth?

This one is a given. Nobody wakes up wanting to work out. And if they say they do, they are lying. I know some people who love the feeling of the “after workout”, and that I can understand. There’s nothing better than the feeling of finally finishing your workout. So why is it so hard for me to do this. Why can’t I just wake up and not even question if I’m going to work out? Netflix. That’s fucking why. Being lazy is so much easier than moving and sweating. So I have thought of a solution! Instead of waking up and feeling like I have to work out EVERY day, I’m going to aim for 4 days a week instead of 6-7. That way, if I wake up and am truly feeling like a dead person, I can choose to not work out that day without feeling like the guiltiest fatty ever. Already today I have debated whether I’m going to workout and decided today would be a good day to do my 1 of 4 workouts because I’m not very busy. Oh also, I’m starting that stupid Kayla Itsines workout routine because it’s been sitting on my coffee table for 2 weeks and she’s a babe. (She’s probably the kind of girl who pretends to like working out). Stay tuned. 


Omg working out is soooooo much fun!! 

2) Should I eat the frozen cheesecake in the freezer?

Bible. Every morning I wake up thinking about that god damn piece of cherry cheesecake sitting in my freezer and think, “is today the day I destroy it?” It’s not always the cheesecake I fantasize about. It’s the Popsicle and the ketchup chips and all the other bad shit in my kitchen. I have been pretty good at keeping junk out of our house but every once in a while that shit sneaks it’s way in. I’m looking at you, Karlin. I swear I have a mental catologue of my pantry and fridge and if something bad comes in, I fantasize about eating it. So here is my solution (because I think I should make solutions for all my first world problems). I’m going to send the cheesecake to work with Karlin. Then it won’t haunt me. BOOM progress. 

It’s like frost bitten and sad looking and it still taunts me. #issues

3) Should I open a bottle of wine?

I know some of you are feeling me on this one. French women drink wine every day and they all look pretty fit, so how come I feel so bad about drinking wine with dinner? Oh.. Right. Because I drink a BOTTLE of wine with dinner. That’s why. Solution? BIG OL’ BOX OF WINE. At least I don’t feel guilty opening a bottle of wine every night, ammirite?? K this is not a healthy solution. Perhaps I will try and limit myself to 4 days a week just like my workouts. Perhaps only on days I work out! Woah. It’s like a light bulb just turned on. 

4) Last but not least, should I clean my car today?


That’s usually what the person in my head responds with. But for real, why am I so gross? My car is a sess pool. I could probably buy groceries for the week if I took in the bottles that cover my floor. There is dog hair caking my back seats. What is actually wrong with me??

Solution? Maybe tomorrow… 

Sorry, Jetson! Suckaaaaaaa

Maximum Death Workouts

I know that a few months ago I talked about some of the workout programs I was involved with and mentioned that MaxWorkouts in particular was very challenging and cruel to all humans. I think I need to revisit that topic. I made it about 4 or 5 weeks into the 12 week program before life got in the way and travelling and, let’s be fucking real, nice weather began to emerge. I was feeling great and lost 15 pounds which was a lot considering I’m not an obese person to begin with. But as soon as the sun peeked out from behind the mountains it became easy to put off the workouts and go do something outside. Like drink beer and shoot guns and build stuff. What would you rather do? Go down to your dungeon home gym and do a gruelling workout that leaves your breathless and weeping? Or go water your adorable garden and talk to your broccoli in the gorgeous mountain morning air? DERRRRR NO BRAINER.

So I know this is just an excuse but I own it and it’s all mine and you can’t have it. Everyone has an excuse. But you can choose to own up to your excuses and get back to work as I declared yesterday! And back to work I fucking did. 

Starting back at Week 1 of MaxWorkouts, I was hesitant to do the workout because I remembered the tears and whining that came from my body after. However, I woke up this morning from the most bizarre fucking dream ever. I was a bridesmaid in Kim Kardashians wedding. I was wearing this skin tight white slinky dress standing beside the other midget Kardashians and felt like a fucking tall cup of whale. And not because I was fat, but because they were so petite… Like my bridesmaids.. Fuck. So if I’m going to be standing beside my own beautiful Kardashians bridesmaids during my wedding, I at least need to look ripped AF. 

So Week 1, Day 1. Again.

10 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 lunge and twists, 10 bar pull-ups, 10 lateral lunges each side. Two times.

That alone got me breathing hard. But that’s just the warm up and you’re supposed to do it 3 times but I’m a pussy.

Then 10 back squats (I put 15 pounds on each side), 10 dumbbell push press (I started with 10 then felt like a major puss and tried 15.. Then went back to 10 lol), then 12 barbell chin pull-ups using 10s. Do this 5 -6 times.

I did 5 and was gasping and sore and angry. Quite angry actually. 3 months ago I would have breezed through that shit. It just goes to show that you need to keep your fitness game going strong because you can lose it so quickly. Thankfully I kept 13 of the 15 pounds off during my last 1-2 months of half ass workouts and flexible dieting. But I definitely lost my Heman strength. 

So I’m back at it, and it sucks. And I deserve it. And wahhhhhhh wahhhh wahhhhh. Back to logging my meals in My Fitness Pal, eating celery and enjoying rice like its more fulfilling than a cheeseburger.


Back to Work

 No I didn’t get a job. DON’T BE RIDICULOUS.

I mean back to eating kale and dust and moving a lot. TWO months until my wedding. Let’s do this. I think I fully managed to turn myself off from the booze over the last two weekends. 

So here’s what’s on the menu for the week.

Yesterday was oats, a 6 inch boring ass subway sub, and chicken stir fry.

Today is oats, leftover stir fry, and a shawarma salad 

Tomorrow is oats, Turkey lettuce wraps and chicken mint viet wraps

Thursday is oats, leftover viet wraps and roasted pork tenderloin with rice and a salad

Friday is oats, leftover tenderloin, and skinny chicken thigh Parmesan with quinoa salad.

Deal with it, ass. No wine. No burgers. No pizza. Get over it. 

It’s not that I gained a whole bunch of weight back. I gained 2 pounds. I just have zero energy to work out and if I don’t work out I’ll be a puffy functioning alcoholic. 


Oh so here’s some updates. That Instantly Ageless shit you’ve been seen all over the Internet does not work. Well it does, but if you move your face it turns into a white powder. So don’t waste your money. 

Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s basically like putting white glue on your face. Just don’t do it.

I’m going to be careful getting back into my workouts because I threw my back out 2 weeks ago and am still feeling sore. My chiropractor told me that I’m TOO flexible from years of yoga and my muscles aren’t supporting my weight lifting so it actually popped my hip out. So I’m going to do my same lifting routine but with way lighter weights. I think I was lifting 75 lbs for my deadlifts before it gave out. So fuck that. Back to baby weights. I will post pics of me dying tomorrow! Today was cardio and I did 20 min of intervals and swear I could smell booze.  Must. Stop. Being. A hillbilly. 

This is my white trash outdoor living room where we sit and shoot at shit down the hill. Don’t you wish you were our neighbours ? 

The Secret of Dieting on Vacation

I have roughly spent the last 2 weeks out of town and on vacation. The last 10 days was spent in a beautiful house in Mesa, Arizona, with a pool and a lovely view. 

Every day was a treat because there’s not much business to be done while you’re on vacation.  My goal was to stick to roughly 1500 calories (300 extra than what I eat at home) and work out every day. Not my MaxWorkouts because afterall, I WAS on vacation. But there was a pool, some bikes, and unlimited hiking. 

I swam the first day for 20 minutes then Karlin and I went for a bike ride that was absolutely awesome.  We went on a few really cool hikes and saw some beautiful scenery. 

So I’m sure somewhere in there I burned 1 or 2 calories. But what you probably want to know is how I stuck to my diet. So I have written my detailed diet plan below:

I did not. I drank like a raging pirate hooker and ate like 40 chimichangas and tacos and basically shovelled chips, chocolate and anything covered in cheese I could find. 

For real.

I found myself totally incapable of eating a salad when everyone else is pounding burgers and steaks hard. And you know what? I didn’t fucking care.  As soon as I got there I was like WELP SORRY ASS! 

And it was awesome. 10 days of guilt free indulging. Wine and  margaritas and vodka sodas and beer! Delicious beer! All kinds of beer! AMERICAAAAA.

I got home and sheepishly cowarded away from my scale. But I also picked up my wedding dress. I couldn’t NOT try on my fucking wedding dress. So I prepared myself for a sausage fest and stepped into it. It slid on like a silky lace glove and looked like the most expensive thing I’ve ever worn. Because it is. I was so pleased! But still not ready for the scale. 

I pounded some final beers and we  ordered Vietnamese for our last unhealthy meal for a long time. The next morning… I stepped on up to the scale..

153.8…. I was 147 when I left… I was like FUCK RIGHT OFF.  So I miserably looked up what workout was scheduled for the day and wanted to die. I skipped my workout and slept all day.  Today I stepped up again. 150.2!  HEY THATS NOT BAD!  This motivated me enough to work my fucking ass off today and I sweat like a spoiled little piggy.

So I guess when you’re on vacation, just do whatever man. Don’t ruin your time because you’re afraid to indulge. I was with my inlaws so drinking was technically a defence mechanism, not a indulgent act.  But still. Yolo bitches. If you put on weight in a short amount of time, odds are you’ll lose it in a short amount of time. 

Tonight I made a massive delicious salad and bbq’d some chicken breasts and it was damn delicious!  It was no chimichanga.. But I’m back on track and on my way to my goal weight once again. No regrets.  Do it for the cheese. Do it for the wine! 

Vacation >  diet


Busy beeeee

Holy. I’ve finally found my way out of a black hole. Temporarily.. Here’s what I’ve been up to in a really short story.

So Damien showed up on my doorstep last Wednesday. We decided to play adventure land and found a weird Russian cemetery island.. So bizarre.









Then we went on a sculpture walk downtown Castlegar.






Then we had lunch at the local stripper bar. No pics. Derrr.

Then we went to the top of the Bombi and took some cool pics of Castlegar. Note: panoramic views are hilarious when you move around.





Then we came home and picked up Karlin and drove to the Rock Cut up the mountain in Rossland. Drinks may have been consumed.



On the way home Dam insisted we stop at the local pub, even though I insisted it was a disgusting hole. After 4 drinks, he finally agreed.

The next day we went to Nelson and checked out my favorite Middle Eastern hole and had shawarma bowls.


Unbelievable. So much tzaziki and hummus goodness. There was a feminist protest going on with these crazy chicks dressed as bears that were vandalizing shit screaming Shut down Canada. Fucking hippie losers. I love Nelson, but it’s full of fucking crazy people. So we headed to the beach and went under the bridge.




Then we came home and Damien and I watched movies and made fun of our friends. Steph and Jen arrived around 11 and it was a love fest. Barnes sent a Christmas present along with them and it summed up my life.


Also, did anyone see that news clip of the deal eating an octopus? Because it’s fucking baller. I DON’T.. FUCK WITH… Youuuuu


So the next morning we woke up and had breakies then headed out to the Pendelreille (I have no fucking idea how to spell that) and took the old rape whistle out. So much fun. Of course you can’t go skeet shooting and drink beers without looking like a total fucking babe.


We found a lovely little spot and brought the skeet thrower. #budlightlife






After that, things escalated very quickly and we set a brush fire back at home because we weren’t quite being redneck as fuck.





There was a lot of wall twerking going on and then a discussion about why girls wear leggings non stop was brought up. So my future husband and his buddy decided to put on my leggings. And they fucking liked it.


The next day, we decided it would be a good idea to go curling. And it was.




We had a pizza party after (I brought healthy chili and didn’t even eat pizza. Ya. I fucking rock). Then we got silly and had some couch cuddles and stayed up late watching scary movies.


Yesterday all those fuckers finally left. Just kidding I love them all dearly and I’d love if they stayed forever. However, my liver might disagree.

So here’s some good news: I stuck to my workout schedule every day they were here, I avoided most shitty food and we cooked turkey burgers on Saturday night. My wine consumption was through the God damn roof because we buy 1.5 L bottles and don’t fuck around. But at the end of all the chaos, I didn’t gain a single pound so I must have been doing something right! GO TEAM.

Next week I’m off to Pheonix so I need to start cutting right fucking now. Nothing but salads and chicken baby. Actually, beads gave me a vegan cookbook for Christmas and I was looking through some of the recipes and they look unfuckingreal so I might dabble into it.

Also, I’m going on a trip tomorrow to a secret location that I cannot disclose right now in case somebody is reading this. But I will be away for the next 5 days, come home, have a photoshoot with this bank that wants to take pics of our kitchen, then I leave for Pheonix for 10 days. So depending on my down time, this may be another trip to a black hole. If so, see you on the other side when I have a tan!

Turkey stuffed orgasms

This is a leftover haters nightmare and a leftover lovers G spot.

Ingredients for peppers:
Lean ground turkey
1-1/2 cups Leftover basmati rice
3 cloves of garlic
Half an onion
3 red peppers
Blob of sweet chili sauce
Blob of Buffalo wing sauce
Salt and pepper
1/4 avocado that’s brown in my fridge
1 slice of havarti cheese
Cherry tomatoes that look like they have a day left in them.

Brown the turkey with all that crap in it. Stuff them into the peppers and top with ripped up havarti and avocado. Bake for 10 minutes at 350.

Spinach on its way out
Kale.. You son of a bitch, kale.
Old Strawberries like 4 big ones
Sunflower seeds
Green onions that sit forever in the fridge
Shredded carrot. Just one

Salad dressing:
Oil and vinegar!

If you don’t make this, you lose, man.
It took me about 20 min to make this. I was totally uninspired until I talked to Jen Savage. She made me do it. Ridiculously good.



Im not sure how many calories are in this dinner, but I am on week two of MaxWorkouts and felt like puking when I did today’s workout with Karlin. Yes we work out together. He’s friggin hot. I want his body. Wait.. I own his body. He’s mine I touched him last. OWN IT.

He had to drag me out of bed at 4:30pm today to workout. This was me today..


He makes me do extra sets and burpees. I love him less at these moments, but then I get over it.

Anywho, been dealing with a few haters this week so I am mentally drained and have zero nice things to say without writing the C word so I shall retire for the night xxx

To be Skinny, Or Not to Be.


Women are bombarded by images of fit, thin, and beautiful babes all day long. This isn’t going to be a feminist rant about the unrealistic expectations women face in today’s society. That has been discussed ad nauseum and is not the point I am trying to make. There are millions of “get thin quick” promises and diet regimes and exercise plans that can be accessed for free, for $5, or for hundreds of dollars. It takes a long time to weed through the formulas on how to get thin. I have spent the last 5 years reading fitness blogs, magazines, scientific research papers, celebrity ghost-written diet books, following Instagram fembots, asking Google, and asking friends and family and strangers how they would go about getting into shape. There are so many different opinions and it has taken me 5 years of fad diets and quick fixes to finally get serious and start practicing cleaner eating habits and daily exercise.

This is the obvious part: there is no easy way to be thin and pretty and strong. It takes 3 things:

1) Full commitment: Nobody has ever gotten into great shape by being half committed to the process. If you want serious results, you need to be seriously committed. Dieting Monday to Thursday and then binge drinking and eating whatever you want all weekend will not work. You need to change your lifestyle. 99% of the fittest women you follow on Instagram do not drink, do not party, and do not snack on cocktail weenies at social gatherings. It is a sacrifice and it all comes down to how badly they want to be healthy and lean and happy.

2) Reasonable expectations: If you gain 20 pounds in 2 years, it is not reasonable to expect to lose 20 pounds in a month. It takes time. Sorry. You need to commit to a lengthy journey and process if you want to safely lose and maintain your weight loss. A pound a week is probably optimistic if you only have 10-20 pounds to lose. If you are much heavier, then it is probably safe and easier to lose a few pounds a week with steady diet and exercise. Although I have never let myself get heavier than that, so I guess I shouldn’t speak on how easy it is to lose weight when you are morbidly obese. Another thing, is most the women who posts these ultra ripped photos showing off their abs and ridiculous cut muscles do not look like that every day. They train to look like that. It is not normal so expecting those results requires an insane amount of knowledge and work.

3) Misery: Because forcing yourself to exercise sucks. It takes a while before you actually look forward to exercising. I look forward to parts of my routines.. sometimes.. but I have never woken up and thought “Holy crap I can’t wait to put my running shoes on and hit elliptical and do interval training!” and I probably never will feel like that. Instead, I play a game with myself every morning seeing how long I can relax and drink coffee before I make myself get my ass in gear and go work out. Note: Misery is followed by Joy when the workout is over! Restricting your diet to healthy foods, reducing your sugar intake, and paying attention to the food you put in your mouth can also be depressing and takes a bit of getting used to. My Fitness Pal is an easy app to use and it helps to be more aware of how crappy your eating habits are.

Now, I am sure there are going to be some girls who read this and protest and insist “they love working out” and “they don’t diet, they just like eating raw vegetables and juicing and don’t crave sugar”. That’s fine and great for them. But I’m going to guess that these girls are lying.. either to me or to themselves. The truth is, being fit is hard work. If it isn’t hard work, then you are doing it wrong.

Now, I have read a lot of feminist articles and blogs about how women should love their bodies the way they are and be proud to be “curvy” or “round”. This sort of irks me for a few reasons. First of all, I have nothing against larger women because I am a tall, curvy, booby and booty kind of girl myself. I do have to say that I get annoyed when I see blogs written by obese women praising themselves for being who they really are and how everyone should love themselves no matter what size they are. I call bullshit. Being overweight causes so many health problems that are avoidable by diet and exercise. As a result, our healthcare system gets flooded by these (avoidable) problems. My girlfriends father is a physician and he tells her all the time how many patients he sees whose problems are all caused from poor eating habits and lack of exercise. This is not a lifestyle that should be celebrated. I’m sorry. If you are overweight and happy with your body and your life, great! Excellent! I am happy for you! But it is insulting to be scoffed at for wanting a better lifestyle and a healthier physique. I work out and eat clean for myself because I LOVE my body. It is hard to believe that a morbidly obese person LOVES their body. If that were true, then they would do all they could to treat it like a temple. Stop being advocates of LAZY lifestyles while the rest of us work for ours!

Secondly, women get criticized for healthy eating habits because “it’s awkward at restaurants” or they are “too picky”. In one blog… should I? Ya I’m going to. In THIS blog, the author pretty much mocks women who eat small portions and healthy foods. I get it.. people on diets can’t eat and drink like people who aren’t on diets. But that is part of their lifestyle and their choice to be healthier. You don’t have to eat a greasy cheeseburger or chicken alfredo to have a good time. You don’t need to drink 2 bottles of wine to be social. I understand that it sucks not being able to eat fatty sugary foods and drink booze all the time, but you shouldn’t be ashamed to be working on your health.

She’s a definite type. You know her. Or seven of her. She’s the woman who brings fruit and yogurt to the office pizza party. The one who orders her sandwich on lettuce because she’s “watching her carbs.” She’s the one you notice ordering, because she orders in such a way you can’t help but notice, and her set of restrictions makes her seem like not a very fun person. It’s not fair, but it’s true.

No wonder women struggle with their weight. In our society, it’s “attractive” to eat pizza and drink beer, but it’s also “attractive” to be thin and fit and beautiful. Well I’m sorry, world. This is just not possible. So to the haters and the lazy women who complain about their “extra 15 pounds” or how “they love their large and in charge bodies”, I say, stop making excuses for yourself to be unfit. Go ahead and love your fat but don’t bully other women who are trying to eat healthy by saying they are “unfun” or “don’t love themselves”.

Getting into shape and living a healthy lifestyle is hard enough as it is without a world full of haters making it even harder! So if you are like me and you are making an effort to be thinner and stronger and make better eating decisions, congrats! You know what it takes. You also know that you have to do it for YOU, not so other people will think you are a better person. Do it for your happiness! Ignore the lazy ignorant people in the world! They will never feel the satisfaction of being truly happy in their own bodies 🙂


Christmas Cheer

I am trying to think of an appropriate equation for Christmas cheer that doesn’t involve Christmas baking and rum. Why is this task so hard?

Working out + clean eating = Christmas cheer? PFFFFFTTT

Working out + mildly clean eating = Christmas cheer? PFFFFFFTTTT

Working out 4 days a week + clean eating Monday-Friday = Christmas cheer? CLOSER

I don’t want to ruin my holidays by being obsessed about every meal I indulge in. But how am I supposed to lose 5 pounds before Christmas when all I want to do is bake delicious cookies and drink eggnog and rum and eat hearty meals? I need to do some serious prep. I’m thinking about doing some baking that is “healthy” so that when we are going over to relatives places, I can bring a healthier snack so I don’t gorge on Grandmas baking and sausage rolls and chocolates.

Today I was on the elliptical for half an hour and then did my upper body workout. It took me an hour and ten minutes and I burned almost 700 calories. Perhaps that will be the key to my Christmas eatfest. If I at least do cardio every day then I can eat more. Last year I had a healthy Christmas baking/soup party and exchanged these items with a bunch of girls. It would have been a success.. if everyone’s baking wasn’t totally horrid tasting and awful. So I need to do some serious research to find some ACTUAL healthy baking that doesn’t taste like tampon applicators. And I see all these cutesy little Christmas treat things on Pinterest and they can go ahead and suck my D.


I know meringue is fat free but i think it has a lot of sugar in it. I wonder if I could use sugar free vanilla flavoring to make them taste good without all the sugar? I do have fresh free range eggs to make it out of! I want to try tomorrow 🙂

Christmas Tree Meringues_OS_0

Stay tuned for my disastrous results. Tonight I am going to add some ham and pineapple sausage to my chili I made last night. I HAVE SO MANY CALORIES TO CONSUME!

Oh happy day!

I went shopping today and restocked my pantry today too. I love seeing a pantry full of canned goods. It makes me want to cook and make creations! I made the most amazing chicken spaghetti sauce the other week and I was reading this Urban Farm magazine that my mom got me a subscription too and there was an awesome recipe for fresh pasta! Who knew it was just flour and egg? I think I will make that again on Friday and have fresh pasta just to make it extra special.

Urban Farm is a really sweet magazine.


It makes me want to get my chickens tomorrow and have a bee hive and grow all my own vegetables! I am insisting that this spring we build a garden box for the yard. I don’t need a huge one. I just want to grow some potatoes, romaine lettuce, broccoli, pumpkin, peas, tomatoes and carrots. Mom bought me a book about where to plant everything so they grow the biggest fruits. I cannot wait. I want to make my own canned tomatoes and do some jarring. Oh! and I almost forgot! Raspberries and blueberries GALORE. And we are in wine country, so maybe I will start learning about grapes and how to grow them. OMG imagine if I learned how to grow grapes and make my own wine?? TROUBLE. Jen and Steph would have to move in with me!

Anywho, Karlin has agreed to get a Christmas tree on Thursday and I am OVER THE GOD DAMN MOON. I was scouting out cheap Christmas ornaments online. Tee hee.

I better go get the sausages stewing. Later kids!