Lemon Butter Chicken

I am collecting my thoughts for another post about the past 6 weeks of yoga teacher training that I endured. In the meantime, I made this fucking awesome dinner the other night and had to share. 

It was just a random Pinterest recipe I found but it was spectacular! 

So first you take some thighs and cover them in smoked paprika and s&p, then brown both sides in a skillet. Take them out and make the sauce. It was basically garlic, I added mushrooms, chicken stock, super healthy heavy cream, healthy butter, lemon juice, Parmesan, and thyme. 

Then mix in a few handfuls of spinach.

Wilt that shit and add the chicken thighs back in. 

Then simply chuck it in the over for half an hour at 400! Boom! I made some rice with it and Karlin was stoked! 

I was going to take a pic of it plated but I was borderline raging with hunger by the time we ended up eating. Major hangry. 

This sauce was incredible. Ya whatever it’s made of cream and butter. I’ll fight you. I’m pretty much in love with my pudge right now because it’s keeping me warm. So DRINK ALL THE CREAM! EAT ALL THE BUTTER! IT’S DECEMBER AND SANTA IS COMINGGGGGGG! 

Tonight we are decorating the tree. Stay tuned for some Martha ass shit. 


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