Yoga Teacher Training

I decided to say fuck what everyone else tells me I can and can’t do and get my yoga training certification. It’s an intensive 30 day course and it starts tomorrow. 

I’m terrified.

I’m excited.

My back is crippled and this is going to hurt. 

It’s sort of the easiest place to make friends because we will already have one thing in common. This might just be my low hanging fruit. 

I have major anxiety today. I have never committed to something this physical in my life. 

Stay tuned! 



4 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training

  1. Most people who tell you what you can or cannot do are clueless! Follow your heart. You will have fun, be in incredible shape, make new friends and be stress free. Enjoy the moment. Very proud of you.

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  2. How I felt when I started my course in dog training. But I think it’s one of those things, the only way out is through and once you’re doing it, you’ll love it and feel totally confident. Good luck.


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