Fashion shows and graveyards

I would be lying if I said the fashion show was life altering. I’m not sure I dig what this show was putting down. We laughed at 99% of the outfits. But it was really fun finding the place and walking  through this incredible mall..

 I was showing the girls pics and Steph was like “I just keep picturing you being like Lauren Conrad and hearing The Hills theme song play” which made me laugh and now I can’t UNhear that song when I see these pics! 

Today was a bit more rough than the other days. I had pretty huge anxiety. First off we had to take a maze of trains to get to the neighbourhood we planned on exploring today. As we got further and further away, Paris got uglier and sketchier so I naturally became more and more nervous. 

I was super excited to see the Moulin Rouge because like, the movie was amazing and I can basically sing every song from it if anyone wants to hear it. So I thought it would be really glam and life changing. In reality, it looked like a shit hole in the day. Perhaps that was our bad because we didn’t go at night to see it lit up, but if I’m being real, you couldn’t pay me to go to that neighbourhood at night. 

After we wandered around and found a massive cemetery. It was actually really creepy and awesome. 

We walked all the way up to the top of the city to the Sacre Coeur and on our way I fell in LOVE with this little guy!! 

Like stop being so chill. God.

We found this little square where there were hundreds of artists painting and trying to paint tourists. We have become very good at giving snooty stink eyes. People think we are locals because they purposely don’t bother us anymore. GOALS.

Omg there’s so many super annoying scam artists. Karlin got straight up violent with a few today. There’s this annoying scam where a group of guys stand in a bottleneck area and try to tie string around your wrists and insist you give them money for “blessing you with good luck”. They will seriously grab your arms and yell in your face. Luckily I have a fucking on point resting bitch face, even more so in France, so they realize I am so not impressed and leave me alone. But Karlins freaking adorable and looks like a cute Ab & Crom model so they flock to his boyish good looks. Today he finally lost it and grabbed their forearm and pinched the guy super hard and yelled LET GO OF ME NOW. In addition I shot an even more bit hurt than resting bitch face look and they fucked off for good. So beware of these idiots if you ever come to Paris! 

So the Sacre Coeur was absolutely stunning obv. It’s at the top of Montamarte and overlooks all of Paris. I couldn’t even find the Eiffel Tower because it was so small! There’s about 4 billion steps leading up to the church and they are just filled with tourists! We sat down and immediately some guy was bugging us to buy a cold beer. Like we are at a church not a hockey game, bro? But we were also like if it wasn’t morning we would totally buy one from him haha.

So after we wound our way back down this horrible gypsy infested streets until we found the metro. I was very stressed at this point and we hadn’t eaten in a while and I was ready to go home but we had still planned to go to the Science Centre that was even further away from home. 

It was an absolute maze trying to find out where to go and which trains to get on and after 30 minutes I was wanting to vomit and faint at the same time because there were 14 trillion people around me in the subway and we were in a ghetto part. 

But once we found our destination I was slightly better. Ok, we also had McDonalds. Whatever, I’m already getting fat so what’s a Big Mac going to do in the grand scheme of things right? I’ll work out later. 

So here was the final stop of the day!

Oh and Karlin wanted to take a picture of me in this stupid fucking crowded street as a form of wife torture.


Anyways, on our way home we tried to buy metro tickets and Karlins card was declined which sent us both into a pretty huge panic because we were, after all, just shopping in the ghetto so we assumed a gypsy had stolen our tears and was selling off our home on eBay by the time we got home. 

But we did get home! I made it! I didn’t faint or puke or die or have explosive diarrhea in public. It’s the little things.

We are staying in and reading and Drinking wine tonight because fuck Saturday’s in Paris. I’m too anxious for this sort of population explosion!! We keep saying we will go to a club but really, we have had many opportunities and decided club life would be lame because we would just sit in a corner somewhere, not be able to hear eachother, and just watch everyone else having fun with their friends. So we will stick with little romantic drunken expeditions on the streets of Paris 😍


2 thoughts on “Fashion shows and graveyards

  1. I’ve been to that graveyard before! I think there’s a famous classical musical buried there, but I forget who…
    It looks like you had fun (despite the gypsies and ginormous crowds). Paris is definitely a place for adventures (and thievery, but mostly adventures).


    • Yes Dalida! I had no idea who she was but it was in a few tour guides so we went to see it and it was covered in flowers! It’s the pic with the woman surrounded by rays of light. It was a great day, minus the crowd-sponsored panic episodes, but dem be the breaks girl πŸ˜‰

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