Jet Lag. We meet again..

I was way too cocky with my plans for getting over jet lag. “I will sleep on the plane and wake up and be perfect by the time we get to Paris!”

Reality: I slept for the last 20 minutes of the flight and awoke abruptly to turbulence and chaos because everyone’s getting ready to land. After a super bumpy landing I wanted to throw up. I held it together for the whole “customs” thing. Got our bags. Then I was like NOPE ITS COMING IM GOING TO BARF. 

I didn’t. But Karlin insisted we navigate the Paris train system with zero sleep and a tiny sugary piece of banana bread in our stomachs. Let me tell you.. That banana bread road the train for 45 minutes in my hot clammy throat. 

So. First thoughts on Paris: SO THIS IS WHERE ALL THE HOT BLACK MEN LIVE. Good lord. What’s up. Jk. I’m on my honeymoon.. 😎

The street style is unreal. A huge trend here is black nylons. Under legitimately anything. Shorts. Skirts. Short skirts. It looks bomb. 

I felt like riff raff travelling in black leggings and a cute grey slouchy knit. I need to kick this fucking game up tomorrow.. And by that I mean I need to go shopping.

Paris is really god damn expensive. We spent like $80 CAN on 2 meh beers and 2 terrible burgers in an Irish pub. Yeah I know why didn’t we get French food. Listen. When I’m hungry and haven’t slept in 24 hrs, I do not have patience for finding  a cute chic place to try food I don’t recognize. I’m like GIVE ME BURGER AND PUT ME TO BED.

The apartment is adorable. We are very pleased with it. Cutest view ever. 

We are staying in the Les Halles neighbourhood like a hard farts distance away from the Louvre and Centre Pompidou (you can see it in the back!)

So we wandered a bit in a super jet lagged state looking for wine to shut my mouth up. Found a hole in the wall that served fresh cork in the wine. But got to sit outside and watch all the beautiful people (black dudes) stroll by! 

After awkwardly paying for very expensive cork wine, we decided the server had zero interest in feeding us so we bounced and found a loud Irish pub as I mentioned before to feed ourselves horribly seasoned burgers.

I tried to find a SIM card but apparently my phone isn’t unlocked (even though I was charged by Telus to unlock it) so looks like the rest of the trip will be done without my precious 4G. Actually, the man trying to figure out my phone only spoke Spanish and French so perhaps tomorrow I’ll find someone who knows what’s good with international phones.

Yo so this is mega disappointing. I still have not seen the Eiffel Tower even though it’s allegedly around the corner. Probably a good thing because I would have public ally cried today and embarrassed Karlin even more. 

So after deciding we were barely functioning we stopped at a little shop and bought some wine and Pringles and oranges and went for a nap. 

Waking up at 9 PM  wasn’t the best but now I’m into the wine, I’ve figured out the wifi, and we are nerdily nosing our way through all our Paris guide books planning our day tomorrow. Look how cute our apartment is:

Look how cute my husband is 🙂

K I’m going to finish this bottle of wine and drug myself back to sleep so we can start our adventuring tomorrow. 


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