Bingey Bingerson

I have to admit that my diet and exercise is the first to go when life gets crazy.. and my life has been pretty fucking hectic lately! This is literally the first moment I have been alone and had time to myself in 3 weeks. I am the type of introvert that needs time alone a lot. Getting married was the best time of my life but also really hard for me because I was surrounded by family and friends non stop and today I just feel super drained. I need a day to regroup. Actually I probably need a week at least! My fridge is filled with terribly delicious things that I am finding hard to resist.

Cherry cheese cake..

Apple pie..

Leftover pizza…

Cheese of all sorts..

I decided I needed to get inspired again by healthy foods because I swear I have gained 15 pounds in the last two weeks from all the drinking and horrid meals I have been mashing into my face. Last night Karlin made a salad and I was like WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?! This.. GREENNESS!!!

So anyways, I’m pulling out some of my favourite cook books to get inspired again.

So let my culinary adventures begin again! I think my first order of business is to go back to my taco obsession. There are tons of creative non-meat taco fillings that I am pretty sure I could convince Karlin to eat. If anyone has any recipe suggestions I would love to hear them!

PS. Yesterday I ate Mcdonalds and Kraft Dinner.. I feel better admitting this. Barfzilla.



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