Wedding Crafts for Crazy People

I have been crafting up a storm making this backdrop for my wedding ceremony. It’s taking forever and I’m starting to forget what shape a heart is. You know when you read a word over and over and it starts to not even look like a word? That’s what’s happening to me after cutting one trillion paper hearts and sewing them together. I have about 10 more strands to go. 


Don’t attempt this unless you like blisters on your fingers and have way too much time on your hands. 

Oh and for everyone dying to know how my eyebrow growing is coming along.. I’ll be damned.. Castor oil DOES work!! I don’t look like Vanilla Ice anymore!

For my next trick, I will attempt to create centre pieces out of recycled garbage! Keep it classy kids πŸ˜‰ 

Oh and some wedding pics from the weekend, before Rocky Balboa made an appearance!




5 thoughts on “Wedding Crafts for Crazy People

  1. Awwah!
    You guys look great, particularly you πŸ™‚
    And castor Oil for the eyebrows? Really? No really??
    Hmm…you know I’ve always wondered how people come up with these home made remedies.
    Like what kinda fucked up shit did they experiment with before they came to the actual remedy.

    That heart curtain is pretty fucking awesome.
    A labor of love (no pun intended :))


    • Dude I didn’t believe the castor oil thing either (because Pinterest tells lies) but I was desperate for a solution because I tried this Rapid Lash shit and it did absolutely nothing and apparently was bad for you. So I tried the oil ($5 vs $50) and in a week and a half I was like holy there’s little baby hairs growing where there used to be none! And Jen noticed they were thicker! ITS A FUCKING CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! And thanks I hope the hearts don’t get all tangled during transport to the wedding because I’ll go postal..

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