Who needs an excuse to buy Brie?

They were selling little pucks of Brie for dirt cheap at the grocery store so technically I HAD to buy one. Not that I needed an excuse. It’s Brie. Brie is a cheese. Cheese is a necessity in life. 

I baked some chicken breasts in half a cup of beer with some oregano and salt and pepper. For the last 5 minutes, I drizzled this expensive balsamic oil my dad brought me back from Italy on the chicken breasts. Then I sliced the Brie on top and let it melt into Brie jizz heaven. Topped with fresh strawberries and this was born..


The best part about this was that it was fat free and only 120 calories!* 

I am contemplating what gem I should make for dinner tonight. I have some lobster tails in the freezer but I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to cook lobster tails and would just end up disappointing myself. I might just take a stroll through the grocery store and see what meats jump at me! Or perhaps it’s a good pancakes for dinner day. Mmmm

*pffft more like 1,200 calories


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