Hair hair

I’d like to apologize for my absence as I’ve been working. And when you read and write for a living, you don’t feel like reading and writing for fun. 

I’ve also been growing hair. I saw this silly thing on Pinterest that claimed you could regrow eyebrows using coconut oil and castor oil. 

I’m going to give it three weeks before posting the results but here is what my naked little eyebrows look like today.


Sad little bare naked bums.

Then I decided to be more fabulous and go blonde. Great success! 


I wouldn’t say blondes have more fun, but it sure looks perdy in the sun! I’ve also been taking biotin to grow my hair long for the wedding. So far my nails just grow like weeds. 

I am one pound away from being my “wedding weight”. I was looking back at all my posts complaining about food and working out and I can honestly say it has not been a fun journey. Every day I fight myself to work out. Even today, I’m lying in bed in my workout gear procrastinating because it’s leg day. And I just don’t wanna. Excersice hasn’t become “fun” for me at all during this process, even though fitness enthusiasts say you will learn to love your work out routine. Instead, I’ve just learned to feel guilty when I don’t work out. So the desire to not feel guilty trumps my desire to not work out every day. I guess that’s a success. I’ve changed my routine now that I’m not in such a hurry to lose weight. I’m doing more cardio days than weight lifting days, and I’ve stopped the MaxWorkouts because honestly, they are fucking killer. They make me want to vomit they are so hard. That was great to lose the weight but now I’m like chill brotha. You got this. 

I also feel like when it rains I do not want to move. Rain=Netflix. But I have work to do today unfortunately so I really should get my ass in the gym. 



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