One Pan Chicken and Squash Gnocchi

Prepare to drool on your lap like you’re watching RyGos smear creamy KD and crushed ketchup chips seductively all over his stomach. 


Shit got really real in the kitchen on Friday.  I made this chicken, spinach, mushroom, and squash gnocchi creation in a creamy garlic Parmesan sauce. From scratch. I rarely make cream sauces from scratch because I suck at making roux or whatever the fuck it’s called (butter and flour mixture). But I laid all my shit out so it was ready, because it’s all about the timing, and created a god damn masterpiece. 


That’s me whisking away my creamy sauce. I actually used a half and half cream and skim milk. Mixed it with the roux and added chicken stock and nutmeg and garlic. 

Pre cooked some chicken and shredded it.  

Then added it my cream sauce and threw in the spinach and mushrooms.



Oh and the gnocchi. Can’t forget those little babies. Covered it in Parmesan and popped it in the oven for 20 min. Huge success! 




Today I felt like doing some spring cleaning chores I’ve been slowly walking away from for weeks. I took everything out of the fridge and cleaned every shelf and threw out all these old expired leaking bottles of filth. Then I made little placemats for the door shelves because they were covered in a smorgasbord of sauces and soya sauce. I guess that’s a sauce too. Loser.


As if this post wasn’t boring enough, here’s a picture of my personal slave putting my socks on because I had just painted my nails (jk I am just lazy). 


Darrrrr he’s cute.



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