Rookie Freelancing

Alright so I have come to a point in my freelancing journey where I no longer trust people and need to figure out a reputable way of distributing my work AND getting paid for it. I have had a slight increase in requests for editing, and so far, I have mixed feelings. I quoted a client on a job and she accepted. I did the job and she all of the sudden wasn’t sure if she was confident with my work and wanted to see the word doc before paying me. I was like UM no. So as a compromise, I sent her about 10 pages of edited work in PDF format. She said OK and sent me half the amount. Then, I completed the project (it took me forever and I way under quoted myself for the amount of work I did) and told her it was finished and she could send me the remainder of the money in exchange for the remainder of the document. She again, wanted a sample. So I sent her the last 20 pages. She then replied that “her supervisor” was funding the editing process and wasn’t happy with my edits and she wanted me to “kindly send her the previous payment back because she paid for it out of her own pocket an was a poor student”. She was Chinese and her English was fucking terrible and I spent so long correcting every sentence that I replied “you’re crazy if you think I am giving you anything back. Shame on you.” So not a great experience. I did learn from it that I shouldn’t trust people.

Today I just finished a project. Upon completion, I blindly sent the document to the woman because she had actually asked me to sign a contract online and left me a voicemail so I figured she was legit.  The woman asked if I could edit another one of similar length and she would pay the same amount for both, but after I completed the second project. So I blindly trusted her and finished the second project. I emailed her saying I was finished but would need payment before sending her the second one, because come on.. I already sent her the first one without payment, so work with me here. I haven’t heard from her yet but I still have high hopes she will pay me.

My question to you, internet friends, is what are my options in this sort of underground, freelance sort of gig. Is there an Etsy for file trading? I need some sort of third party host to upload the documents to, and only release them once the payment has gone through. It would make this whole process way easier and less stressful for both parties involved. Because really, there’s nothing stopping me from demanding payment upfront, then fucking off and not doing a damn thing. But that would be a really shitty thing for someone to do. I found a site through amazon called Createspace where you can sell eBooks and self-publish, but it wanted all sorts of tax information and I prefer to do these transactions under the table because, well, its my play money. It shouldn’t be this complicated. So is there a dropbox with a payment option? Can I sell PDFs and word documents on eBay? Help! I’m a newb.

On another note, yesterday we discovered an abandoned mine and it was terrifying due to too many horror movies. 




2 thoughts on “Rookie Freelancing

  1. Thats a bummer babe.
    I know nothing about the freelance world/underground world but one thing that I would do from just reading about this, is agree upon & sign the contractual terms & conditions up front. You would need to author this contract and use it as your template for work going forward.
    Have it reviewed by a civil attorney and notarized too.

    I would also request payment (maybe some form of down-payment up front) as part of said personal contract. Have a money-back guarantee clause in there too so it eases their worries.

    Think about it – when paying for piece-by-piece work, you always get some form of payment up front. This is what actually gets the work started.
    Hell you buy anything online and you pay them before you even receive the product don’t you? You can’t even get dibs on a house/car without at least a down payment.

    So yeah, I’m off my soapbox but that’s what I would do 🙂


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