Pork Tenderloin Invention

I swear I invented this. And this isn’t like Karlin claiming he discovered “mustard and honey”… I have named it: Crawly’s Kablamo Pork Organs. 

So this just looks like a boring stupid dinner. But the marinade is bomb. Here’s what I put in it, with no exact measurements because I just eyeball that shit.

Soya sauce (OBVI)

Brown sugar (YA real original)

Mustard (plain because I’m square)

Blood orange olive oil (boom)


Sweet onion diced into smidgeons 

It also looked quite hilarious while I was making it.

If you stare in the centre for 30 seconds then look at a blank wall you will see a hidden message from me to you.

You’re dumb if you tried that.

So I meant to take a better pic but this happened.

I just climbed another mountain. Give me a god damn break. I was hungry. 

So YA marinade your little tremor babies (tenderloins) in that concoction for a few hours then cook at 350 for 50 min and you’re laughing! Enjoy! 


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