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Tiny book review. I read this on vacation and it surprised me.

I am not usually one to read fluffy books unless they are horror. A friend suggested I read this though so I decided to skim the first few pages. I am so glad I did.

It is more that just a story of a girl who meets a guy. It was so well written that it pained me to start reading a shitty Dean Koontz novel right after. The characters were so well developed and I could relate to almost every character.

Anyways, the story sets itself up like it’s going to be pretty cut and paste. Predictable. But it covers so many deep emotions and funny side stories. I loved it. When the book was coming to an end, I decided it was so good I needed to savor the last few pages with a bottle of wine. An entire bottle of wine. I wanted to cheer and cry and throw the book in the pool (not just because I am an emotional drunk). But it’s on my kobo.. so I reconsidered because that shits expensive. Anyways, it was a lovely removal from the world and so nice to read after several really non-fiction educational books I had been reading. So go read it if you are wanting to start a good book. And get real into it. Like set aside some pillows and blankets and make some tea and put slippers on and turn your phone off. Just turn it off. Ok nobody turns their phone off but put it on silent in another room. I think I read it in 2 days.

Now I am reading some god awful murder mystery by Dean Koontz and it was alright because there were some dirty sex scenes in it, but then they introduced like Vampires into the already shitty plot. And because I am ODD I HAVE to finish it or else things just wont be right and I will feel unbalanced. Fuck. I will spare you the review of this nose dive.

So happy to be home now from all my trips! Yesterday we set up the most redneck living room ever so we could light our yard on fire and watch from a distance. God Bless mountain living 🙂


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