My Pretties

I was a bit hesitant, but my love for all things gaga grew yesterday when I went for these fancy little talons. 

Jen loves them so much. She wants a pair of her own.

My hand looks arthritic but I needed to showcase the pointies.

They make me want to tap everything I can touch. I feel like a little creepo and fucking love it. Here are my stiletto nails pros and cons:


1) tappy tap tap on every hard surface because you like appearing as an impatient bitch

2) excellent butt scratcher

3) scares your boyfriend

4) makes playing piano that more amazing

5) I picked a hard spot of food off the counter that’s been stuck on for days. Win


1) it is hard to get cards out of your wallet

2) it is embarrassing when you can’t get your card out of your wallet and the cashier is staring at your weird pointy creepo nails thinking about why the fuck you wanted such pointy nails

3) it scares your boyfriend

4) it took a solid 3 minutes to pick up 5 bobby pins that fell on the floor

5) Jen’s jealousy towards said nails is super strong and may affect our friendship the longer she goes without them.

I would highly reccomend filing your nails into little points. Hours. No weeks of fabulousness.

I feel like I just got home from Calgary and I’m already packing again. Off to Spokane tonight and Phoenix in the morning. #lifeishard

Last night we had a photo shoot in our kitchen for our banks annual marketing shit. It just made me realize how much I hate having my photo taken. 2 hours later, Karlins neck was stiff and my back hurt from contorting ourself into “natural” poses. The photographer also told me several times to swing my ass out of the picture because it was taking up the frame. I CANT HELP MY ASS SIZE. Anyways, can’t wait for wedding day photography torture now. I’m going to have a permanent bitch face after from being forced to smile for 4 hours. 

100000 selfies, here I come.

Stay tuned for fun in Phoenix and my attempt to not get fat on holidays! 


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