I think I should live in America. I love Canada, but America is pretty dope as well. I really like that you can buy a pregnancy test, a porno mag, bath salts, and a 6-pack of Coors in the same gas station. And with that shopping list, you all know how my trip played out.

Joking. I don’t drink Coors.

While the boys went off to write their NERC exam, I went to the mall and bought all sorts of shit. I couldn’t even spend $200 because I just kept scoring things for ridiculously cheap. I wanted to buy and nice pair of black riding boots and I found a pair that I had tried on in Calgary in the fall but didn’t buy because they were too expensive. They were on sale for $30… $30….


Then I found a cute BCBG bag.. $30….

I was in the land of $30. It was pretty awesome.

What was more awesome was the cheat meal I destroyed. We went to this old steam factory that had been transformed into a brewery called the Steam Plant.

It was spectacular. We got very tipsy and went exploring. There was a really cool banquet hall situated inside this old steam factory boiler thing with water running through it. I was quite pleased.








I didn’t get a chance to snap a pic of my delicious cheat meal because as soon as it was laid before me, I turned into a ravenous cheetah that just stumbled upon a sleeping baby gazelle. Let’s just say, it was a lot of red meat piled high with cheese, mushrooms, and caramelized onions. I just peed a little thinking about it. Topped off with a double stacked stout and I was pretty much a goner.

And man did I pay for it. There’s a reason I don’t drink craft beer and burgers every night. I was a wreck on the way home. I Lindsay Lohan’d hard.


I did manage to get home and do my gruelling workout with Karlin though.. Not by choice.. But he was headed down to the gym to workout and I didn’t want to be THAT chick who does nothing all day because she’s hungover, so I joined him. He even made us a delicious and healthy dinner. Bless this man. I told him if dinner was my responsibility that night, we’d be mashing KD into our mouths. BUH LEE DAT.

But we are back on point. I even made this super racist kale and spinach salad the other night. GREENS ONLY.


Just kidding. I added some baked chicken nuggets that I made and topped it with this sweet chili dressing (pretty much sweet chili, light mayo and hot sauce) and some sweet red peppers. Voila!


I think we are going skiing later today with Karlins best man. I’m bringing vodka. My ass hurts from so much squattage.

Oh and mother bear sent me a new Paleo cookbook in the mail that I’m going to dig into this weekend so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “AMERICA

  1. not drinking is boring!!!   Ate well this week and had a couple of glasses of wine AND lost 3 lbs.   All about the eating and not over indulging in my wine!  


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