6 Fashion Trends I’m So Effing Over

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who will agree with me regarding some of the heinous trends that are kicking around lately. Here are the ones that make me barf the most.

1) These revolting hammer pants which are apparently called Harem pants. I’m sorry, does it look like we live on the set of Aladdin? Do we fly around on magic carpets and confess our secrets to our bestfriend monkeys? No. Beiber.. Stop. Kim.. Enough.



2) Filthy furry boots. Who even wears these “winter” boots. I’m sorry, but where I live, we have a little thing called snow.. which creates slush..which would fucking destroy these ugly stuffed Furby monstrosities.



3) Acid wash jeans but more importantly, crop tops. They are not high fashion. They look good on absolutely nobody. I especially like seeing girls at the bar or at a party after they are 5 beers deep wearing crop tops. It may have been whorey cute when you were standing in front of your mirror, pre-5 beers deep, but now you are bloated and look like a walrus wearing a bib. If I wanted to see your gut, I’d stalk you at the beach.



4) This odd frilly thing on plaid shirts. I don’t get it.. What is the point?



5) Fake French manicure nails. I’ve been hating on these for a while now. Like at least 10 years. I’ve even had a set or two in my lifetime when I was in high school. They make me cringe. They scream cheap tacky pornstar wannabe to me. There are so many beautiful ways to manicure your hooves. Don’t choose this one please.


6) Dyed grey hair. Do young women not realize that one day their hair will be grey whether they like it or not? Why are you wasting your prime years dying your hair weird shades of grey?! WHY?? Jenna Marbles.. I’m looking at you.



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