Gnocchi Chicken Stew for Hungry Girls

Gnocchi! Where have you been all my life you delicious little potatoey noodle goodness? I will admit, I saved up a good chunk of calories for this dinner and did a little extra cardio just to be sure. I found this recipes in this months copy of Eating Well . I have never cooked with gnocchi before, but I am going to start now! I still don’t believe it but the recipe said for 2 cups of this stuff, it’s 542 calories. That’s not bad considering I had to stuff my cheeks to get all the delicious morsels of chicken, veggies and gnocchis in! The ingredients are simple and easy and was really simple. I made an absolute mess of the kitchen for some reason, regardless of the recipes simplicity!

Here’s a peek!


The thyme makes the entire house smell awesome. I’m always mentally taking notes of aromatic recipes for when I cook for guests. It just seems more impressive and makes me look like a mother fucking chef. #chefcrawly


I had to switch skillets half way through because I started off being too lazy to wash my favourite one and tried using one without Teflon on it and the chicken was sticking. COOL STORY, BRO.


Voila! I just ate 2 cups and feel delightfully satisfied and close to being stuffed.

Also, we picked this up at a little specialty shop I mentioned the other day..


You add about a shot of it to soda water and it is so incredibly refreshing! Think ginger ale without the added sugar. Of course we add vodka to ours too duh. But it’s my new favourite drink treat. (I still love you, wine. No hard feelings).

It snowed about 2 ft today. By the looks of it, I will be creating some sort of freezer pantry masterpiece tomorrow for din because my poor little baby Jetson doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere any time soon! Night kiddies



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