North Korea. Double U Tee Eff.

I’m not sure which rock I have been living under, but after watching The Interview, I became mildly interested in North Korea. I would consider myself to be a casual news watcher. If I am eating by myself and my phone and kobo have mysteriously died, I will sometimes throw the news on to avoid staring at the counter or table. Most of the time, I’m horrified so I just shudder and turn it off. I don’t like learning that 7 young adults were stabbed at a house party or that there was a bombing somewhere overseas in a country that I couldn’t even point to on a map. It makes me sad and angry that there are so many fucked up people doing fucked up things. So I would consider myself quite naive when it comes to current events.

the-interview-poster-preview-101292So as I was watching The Interview, I found most of the jokes amusing, but felt they were pretty stupid. Like how they depicted Kim Jong-un as a God who didn’t have a butthole because he didn’t need to pee or poo. Or how groceries stores in NK were staged to look like they had food and what not, but upon further investigation, they were full of fake produce and fake products for show. I basically watched the movie with no prior knowledge of North Korea. Like none. All I knew was that there had been a lot of controversy surrounding the film because this Kim guy was a crazy dictator and there were harsh censorship laws in this country.

Fast forward to a few nights ago when I was in bed trolling Netflix for something to watch. I saw there was a documentary on North Korea called The Secret State of North Korea. So I was like sure why not? NOWWWWW I understand the big deal about The Interview. Everything they joke about in the movie is based (I can only say loosely without more research) on facts. Some people in North Korea actually believe their supreme leader doesn’t poop or pee and that he is the Sun. In the documentary, it shows undercover footage of a man going into a shop that is full of clothing and electronics. He asks to buy them and the woman working in the department store tells him nothing in the store is for sale, it is all just for display.

Now I am the first person to question documentaries and news articles because everyone knows they are always somewhat biased or there is an underlying motive. But as I have started digging a little, I am a bit shocked at what I am finding. Here are some examples of some horrifying news articles I have found:

1) This one about a man who was starving to death so he killed his children and butchered them to feed his wife and himself. Da fuq? It also notes that 10,000 people have died due to starvation at the time it was written (a year ago).

2) This one that talks about a report written by the United Nations that describes the lack of freedom, discrimination, lack of food and human rights that is witnessed in North Korea. Not to mention the executions and murders that happen frequently when a citizen disobeys a law.

3) This one that goes into detail about the torture that citizens are put through, going as far to compare it to the crimes that took place during the Nazi regime.

The list of crazy accusations could go on forever. The more I look, the more I am disgusted and have to stop reading.

My question is how is this being allowed? How are there still places that allow this sort of violence and total abomination of basic human rights? What is being done to stop all this crazy Korean shit? I have read several reports from the United Nations and I know they are investigating it, but why is it taking so long to bring to the table? It is totally boggling my mind. How big is the North Korean army? It must be fucking huge if the population is afraid to rise against them.

All the propaganda videos released by their government are insane. They are being brainwashed to see the United States as the enemy. How are the people so blind and unaware of what the government is doing? I mean, I guess if people are being executed for being caught with a thumb drive that contains recent movies, then ya. I’d be afraid to go against the higher power. But there’s so many of them! How have they not mass protested or just moved and fled this country?

There is just so much I don’t understand about this topic. The solution seems simple to me though. Jong-un needs to take a lesson in manners. Big time. It is really hard to look for the good in North Korea because everything that comes out of that country is controlled by Jong-un, and it is clearly propaganda bullshit. I really hope that The Interview will bring this major world issue to light for those who aren’t news savvy, like myself. It speaks to, perhaps, a younger and more naive audience.

I think I will go back to my little Fruitvale bubble where the craziest thing I have to hear about is a young man taking bath salts. Trust me, that’s more than enough drama. Good riddance. I need to go bake or watching YouTube videos of puppies chasing big dogs.



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