Prosciutto, feta, and sundried tomato stuffed pork tenderloin

OH BABY. Got inspired to stuff the ol’ tenderloin this evening. I meant to put spinach in too but flaked.


Apparently this looks like a vagina. I personally think it looks like a fox head. BECAUSE IM NOT A PERVERT, JEN. Jk. I am.



Anyways it turned out awesome! We made a big salad and the dressing was unreal. There’s a little specialty store in town that sells really unique oils and vinegars, and teas and chocolates. Today we popped in and bought blood orange oil, honey balsamic vinegar, some vanilla earl grey (for my London fog obsession as of late), and this ginger vinegar you add to soda water!

So after leg day, a delicious meal, and UFC is on, I decided it was appropriate to have some winnnnnnnnne 🙂 it’s ok though, I had calories leftover 😗

Cheers kiddies!



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