Night of the Living Dummy

Holy balls. I’m watching Annabelle and I’m having seizurish flashbacks to when I was like 8, reading Goosebumps until midnight then lying with my eyes wide open an my skin crawling and jumping at every noise the house made. WHO THE FUCK COLLECTS DOLLS? Honestly. People who like dolls are like people who don’t like dogs… Serial killers. There’s just something disturbing about them. I’m not going to lie, sometimes, when faced with a situation where I have to move someone’s doll, I treat it like it’s alive. For example, when we moved into Ali’s basement, she had this huge doll sitting on the desk. I was like Yaaaa Nooooooo. So I gingerly picked it up and found a trunk which I placed a blanket in then nicely laid the doll in it. I think I verbally said “there you go, miss”.

Ok seriously, I threw Annabelle on just so I could have some background noise and I’m actually terrified


I just tried to take a pic of my goosebumps hahah. My THIGHS have goosebumps. How is this possible? I don’t know if it’s the doll or just the overall satanic growling shit but I definitely overlooked this gem. So well done, guys. All I wanted was background noise. I’ve had Annabelle on my computer for a few weeks and actually expected it to be horrible so I hadn’t bothered watching it yet. Can’t wait to sleep tonight. Between the Babadook and satanic dolls, I’m sure I’ll sleep tight.

On another note, my poor little Jenny had to spend the night in the hospital and get a spinal tap. I think I will watch Spinal Tap next to shake the creepiness of this fucking stupid doll movie! Feel better Jen ❤




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