Housewife 101

I fell into a Fabric Land black hole yesterday. I decided to dust off the ole sewing machine and sew a dress for the holidays. So off I went searching for a fabric store in the Kootenays. There was one in Trail but it didn’t sell patterns.. errr.. Great business plan dude. Then I ended up in Castlegar at Fabric Land.. for apparently hours. I got home thinking hmm it must be noon I should eat lunch! Pftt it was 2:30 pm and I was famished. I hate when that happens. I get to excited and overwhelmed by patterns and then fabric that I totally waste my afternoon in stores like that.

So I bought this cute pattern and even cuter fabric. Unfortunately, my sewing machine needs a tune up and the first line I went to sew got all fucky because I am sewing with a 4 way stretch jersey fabric with little silver dots. SO today my mission is to find the sweet spot in tension on the machine for stretchy materials. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. And of course I will post pictures during the process.

WHO AM I? How did I become so domestic??? From dirt bikes to dress making. I want to do everything!


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