Is purple in?

I saw this girl on Pinterest and she had purple lipstick and I was all “I want purple lipstick” so I bought some. It doesn’t really look purple on me though. Too much?


I feel like I am always second guessing my outfit choices. I know for a fact my shoe choices have been scoffed at in the past. But whatever, I have big feet. It’s hard to make big feet look attractive. So eat my ass.

I had the pork chops I made yesterday for lunch today. So amazing. I’m pretty sure it’s exactly the recipe Shake n Bake uses only healthy and no preservatives.


So there was a news alert in Fruity about a “gang” that was going around breaking into people’s houses in the middle of the day right by my place.

So OBVIOUSLY I prepared myself against the intruders and made sure my rape whistle was nearby.



IMG_5767.JPGSo I was explaining this to Jen and she asked me if I would really use it if an intruder came in. This was the second time this week someone had asked me if I would kill someone if I had to. I thought it brought up an interesting perspective because yes. No.. HELL YES. IF some idiot broke into my house and I felt that my life was in danger, you’re god damn right I would shoot them. That being said, I would give them a chance to gtfo of my house first. But if, say, they had a weapon and I felt like they were going to use it? BOOM. I would shoot them in a heart beat. I’d say that I would aim or their leg or something and try not to kill them, but lets be honest. Shooting a 12-guage in close range is going to blow them up. Or at least kill them badly. Maybe blowing them up is too extreme. Anyways, I realized that a lot of people probably don’t feel the same as me and would have a hard time killing someone, even under the circumstances where they might be in danger.

The second instance this topic came up was when Karlin and I were watching the movie Fury. There is a young soldier and his job is to gun down enemies from a tank. He struggles with this job in the movie and Karlin asked if I would be able to kill people if I were in his position in the army. My answer again was Hell yes. If that was my job, and I was on the battlefield and my job was to gun down enemies.. yes I would be able to shoot them. It sounds awful but I wouldn’t think about the lives of the people I was killing, I would just be doing “my job”. Now, I never plan on joining the army under any circumstances and I would never choose to take a job where I had to kill people, but in that perspective, yea I think I would have no problem killing people if that were my role. Eat or be eaten. Survival of the fittest.

This aside, I know there are probably crazy people who go into the military with hopes of killing people for fun but the majority of people suffer extremely (mentally and physically) after serving in the military because I am 100% sure it is the most awful and traumatic experience ever.

I’m not really sure where I was going with this, but I guess the moral of the story is don’t break into my house because I will fucking blow you up. And yes, sometimes I sit in my living room practicing how fast I can load my shotgun… because of zombies..



Just kidding, I’m Canadian ❤



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