Dinner Champion

I wish I stopped to take a picture of what I just created for dinner. Instead I will just describe it. First, I made these oven “fried” porkchops from skinnytaste (my favorite recipe blog):


homemade breaded pork chops

Then I blanched some surprisingly fresh green beans and topped with a little butter and dill. Then I made a fresh salad with mushrooms, peppers, carrots, cucumber and mixed spinach and that purple romaine stuff. When Karlin got home I insisted he make his oil and vinegar masterpiece salad dressing. To mix it all together, we opened a BOX of Malbec 🙂 Classy mother effers over here. I am SO satisfied. I will make those again for sure!

Today was successful! I wrapped all my Christmas presents, prepared all the presents I have to send to Calgary, went grocery shopping, did cardio AND weights, and then learned how to play Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas on the piano. That took some effort.

I otherwise have nothing exciting to say other than Jen sent me these awesome Christmas leggings and then all my girls got together in Calgary for drinks and facetimed me. That was sweet 🙂 I miss!

Ok wine and movies are waiting for me.



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