Karlin had the day off today strangely enough! It was a treat! We drank our nespressos early in the morning and talked about our honeymoon! Then I asked if he would work out with me and do my upper body routine. He was really sweaty after. I was satisfied 🙂
Skinnytaste has a recipe for overnight oats in a jar that I just died over!!

So delicious. I HATE EGGS SO THERE.
Ok I love my local pretty eggs from the neighbors.. They taste like cream. Yum.
The rest of the day was spent touring antique shops in Trail! It was really nice. Then we stopped because I wanted to buy purple lipstick. I just wanted some. And 20 lb weights because we have 5,10,15,30. I can easily do 15 lbs but 30 is too much for my noodle arms! So tomorrow should be interesting!

The honeymoon…. We are going to Paris ❤ ❤ and then a short tour around the south of France. I want to puke thinking about it because I get so excited! I've always dreamed of going to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre and drinking espressos on street corners and eating fancy French delicacies. gah! I cannot wait. I'd almost say I'm more excited about the honeymoon than the wedding now!

I'm going to go on tripadvisor and swoon some more!

Au revoir!




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