low budge softies

I hate when you start a movie and it’s the wrong movie and you don’t realize until half way through that it’s obviously the wrong one. I see this blogger talking about overlooked horror movies and so one in particular looked terrifying. I excitedly downloaded it and did all my chores and worked out and got supper ready and sat down to watch. This is what I was expecting..


And this is what I got..


Just a terrible low budget soft core porn. Terrible story and HORRID acting. I kept watching because it coincidently took place in a corn maze with a clown theme.. Then finally I was like ok this is so not the right movie.. GOD DAMN IT 30 MINUTES OF MY LIFE THAT I WILL NEVER GET BACK!!

Why do they even make movies like that? Who pays for them? Where do they find these terrible actors? It makes me angry because the only sane person that would watch these kind of movies are people like me who download the wrong movie! That’s probably their business proposal. “Direct a shitty film that has a name similar to a good film in hopes someone will watch it accidentally”.

Did I just stumble upon a brilliant business model? I should take a video of me doing the Macarena for 2 hours, then put it on piratebay named “The Hungry Games” or “Game of Throwns”. I’d hope that only directors of soft core horror porn would accidentally download it. And Jen.

Anywho. I’m delighted that I have dinner simmering, all the Christmas lights on, house to myself for another 5 hours, and 4 more horror movies to enjoy 🙂 (fingers crossed anyways).



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