A strange addiction

I have an absolute addiction to horror. I love scary movies and gory movies and everything in between. My addiction hurts only me. I am totally afraid of everything due to my addiction. Like doing laundry in the basement.. Taking a shower alone in the house.. Going pee at night time.. Empty parking lots.. Fog.. Driving in the dark. The list goes on.

The point of telling you this is because my mother bought Karlin a video game for PS4 called The Last of Us. It’s pretty much post zombie apocalypse. It’s fucking terrifying. I scream every 5 seconds. It’s ridiculous. I have no clue how Karlin plays this game. My heart actually feels like it’s going to explode.

I’m not even really sure why it scares me. I constantly have dreams where I am being chased by zombies or some sort of killer. I find nightmares so exciting and when I wake up terrified to move it is like the greatest high. I have the most vivid dreams and almost always remember them when I wake up. It’s awesome, but also horribly debilitating at times.

Lets take the Babadook for example. Great movie. So fucking creepy. Watched it without a problem and agreed with K that it wasn’t that scary. This was about a month ago and last night I woke up to pee and was actually frozen in fear because I heard a noise that sounded like the Babadook.


So dumb. Also, one movie that’s constantly on replay in my head when I’m home alone? The Strangers.


There’s something about intruders in your home that just freaks me the fuck out. Especially because there are non stop windows all over my house and we live in a rural community so there’s ZERO light after the sun goes down. Because we live on 2 acres, we don’t have any neighbors looking at our place so really anyone could be watching me at night.. Or anything. Also, we have so many doors and I never remember if the basement doors are locked.

Last night I was trying to think of my exit strategy if I heard someone or something come in the house. I guess I’d run into my bathroom (that has 2 doors) and try to lock them and drop out the window and probably break my legs. Then I remembered I am a proud owner of this bad boy..


I suppose it would be redneck of me to keep this puppy loaded beside my bed.. And maybe a little irresponsible.. But I do not think I’d hesitate blowing someone’s head off if I felt threatened. One night when I lived in my apartment alone in downtown Calgary, someone got into my building and was banging on my door screaming to let him in because he thought “Kyle” was inside. I grabbed my shotgun and made the “chhhhhk chhhhukkkk” noise and yelled that there was nobody in here but me and my shotty. The guy bolted and I sat on my couch shaking the rest of the night haha. I’m not a killer but I WOULD kill someone if they decided to fuck with my shit. Or a zombie.

My ultimate favorite movie is Evil Dead. I’m especially fond of the most recent remake of it.


Just so good for so many reasons. I think my dream job would be directing horror movies or acting in a horror movie. I have so many nightmares that I should just start writing short stories and send them to.. I don’t even know. STRAIGHT TO HOLLYWOOD OBVI.

Ok last secret.. Sometimes I eat chocolate chips and take melatonin pills before bed to induce nightmares. I KNOW WTF.

Loving life today! I have it all 🙂

Hi jenny! Hope this is what you wake up to



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