I don’t even

Want to write about anything because I am so grumpy today! It’s one of those days where I should just quit and go back to bed. Reading my blog you may think I am bipolar because I go from happy to sad in an instant. NOPE! Not bipolar! Close though!
I think PMS should stand for Pretty Much Sucks because when you have it, everything sucks. Yes.. EVEN WINE. I’m sitting in the truck looking at the horses and Posie was rolling in the snow acting like a total clown. Normally this would make me howl. NOPE. Not today kids. All I though was “stupid horses”. Not even “stupid neigh neighs” (which is the correct terminology when referring to a horse).
In an attempt to cheer myself up, here is a list of things that are the best ever:

1) Kraft dinner
2) Hitting someone in the back of the head with a snowball
3) This picture of Crockett trying to take a bullet for me

4) Karlin opening the door of the jeep and pulling it right off the hinges
5) Karlin plowing with no door on the jeep
6) Heated seats
7) Dump runs
8) Peanut butter
9) Bonfires
10) Puppy noses
11) Sweat pants that make your ass look good
12) Nespresso
13) Humming birds
14) Eating after a long work out
15) Hot yoga.. Mmm hot torture yoga

Alright it worked. I’m not as grumpy. But way more hungry now. CHILI TIME


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