Christmas Cheer

I am trying to think of an appropriate equation for Christmas cheer that doesn’t involve Christmas baking and rum. Why is this task so hard?

Working out + clean eating = Christmas cheer? PFFFFFTTT

Working out + mildly clean eating = Christmas cheer? PFFFFFFTTTT

Working out 4 days a week + clean eating Monday-Friday = Christmas cheer? CLOSER

I don’t want to ruin my holidays by being obsessed about every meal I indulge in. But how am I supposed to lose 5 pounds before Christmas when all I want to do is bake delicious cookies and drink eggnog and rum and eat hearty meals? I need to do some serious prep. I’m thinking about doing some baking that is “healthy” so that when we are going over to relatives places, I can bring a healthier snack so I don’t gorge on Grandmas baking and sausage rolls and chocolates.

Today I was on the elliptical for half an hour and then did my upper body workout. It took me an hour and ten minutes and I burned almost 700 calories. Perhaps that will be the key to my Christmas eatfest. If I at least do cardio every day then I can eat more. Last year I had a healthy Christmas baking/soup party and exchanged these items with a bunch of girls. It would have been a success.. if everyone’s baking wasn’t totally horrid tasting and awful. So I need to do some serious research to find some ACTUAL healthy baking that doesn’t taste like tampon applicators. And I see all these cutesy little Christmas treat things on Pinterest and they can go ahead and suck my D.


I know meringue is fat free but i think it has a lot of sugar in it. I wonder if I could use sugar free vanilla flavoring to make them taste good without all the sugar? I do have fresh free range eggs to make it out of! I want to try tomorrow 🙂

Christmas Tree Meringues_OS_0

Stay tuned for my disastrous results. Tonight I am going to add some ham and pineapple sausage to my chili I made last night. I HAVE SO MANY CALORIES TO CONSUME!

Oh happy day!

I went shopping today and restocked my pantry today too. I love seeing a pantry full of canned goods. It makes me want to cook and make creations! I made the most amazing chicken spaghetti sauce the other week and I was reading this Urban Farm magazine that my mom got me a subscription too and there was an awesome recipe for fresh pasta! Who knew it was just flour and egg? I think I will make that again on Friday and have fresh pasta just to make it extra special.

Urban Farm is a really sweet magazine.


It makes me want to get my chickens tomorrow and have a bee hive and grow all my own vegetables! I am insisting that this spring we build a garden box for the yard. I don’t need a huge one. I just want to grow some potatoes, romaine lettuce, broccoli, pumpkin, peas, tomatoes and carrots. Mom bought me a book about where to plant everything so they grow the biggest fruits. I cannot wait. I want to make my own canned tomatoes and do some jarring. Oh! and I almost forgot! Raspberries and blueberries GALORE. And we are in wine country, so maybe I will start learning about grapes and how to grow them. OMG imagine if I learned how to grow grapes and make my own wine?? TROUBLE. Jen and Steph would have to move in with me!

Anywho, Karlin has agreed to get a Christmas tree on Thursday and I am OVER THE GOD DAMN MOON. I was scouting out cheap Christmas ornaments online. Tee hee.

I better go get the sausages stewing. Later kids!


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