I have a confession. I have about 4 books on the go right now. I have this awful habit of reading several books at the same time and it takes me for absolute EVER to finish them. This is how it started: I was reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy because my stepmom told me that it was life changing. So I am always up for life changing things. Started reading it. Then I remembered I wanted to read The End of Absence by Michael Harris and just got right into it and couldn’t put it down.. until I got to the part about Coursera. Coursera is a website that delivers FREE university education. In every subject. I couldn’t believe this existed so I dove into the Coursera website and started taking a course in nutrition and entrepreneurship. During the nutrition course, the professor suggested some further readings, including The Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan. So I started reading that.. as well as a book on starting small businesses called $100 Startup by Chris Guillebau. Today was the first day of the entrepreneurship class and it requires yet ANOTHER textbook for the course. I just can’t keep up. I start to miss the first books I was originally reading. The Road. How do people have time to learn all these things and read all these awesome books while still having a life? I could read all day but then I would be hungry and fat. So my goal for this week is to finish ONE book. I think I will try and finish The End of Absence first because I am the closest to finish that one. These are all really amazing reads for anyone looking for something to read.

Also, I made Chicken Taco Chili tonight from It is pretty much my go to because its super filling and low calories and easy to make! Slow cookers rule. I’m actually so lazy today I just googled a picture of what it looks like instead of going 10 ft away to take a picture.

Crock-Pot-Chicken-Taco-Chili-Recipe-1024x682Boom. That’s what it looks like. Be jealous. I stayed way below my calories today and didn’t work out. I needed a day of detox after my moms visit. Too much wine and red meat and cheese! I felt so low energy today. The closest I got to working out was going onto pinterest to find a pushup and lunge challenge :).

I follow this random chick on instagram and shes always talking about macros and making sure she gets her macros and I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. So I googled it today and it seems pretty intense. I don’t know if I would try it because it seems to be really carb heavy and I am feeling like a lardo whale after this weekend so I think I will just stick to my clean eating and munching on veggies. Which reminds me, I NEED PICKLES OMG. I ran out today and my life is now over… until I replenish my pickle jar anyways. I know they are salty blah blah blah. Don’t care.

pickles_by_cinnamonbunx3-d6pp4q9Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up motivated to get my ass back in gear. Must. Burn. Calories.


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