If I hear another stupid high pitched voice tell me that a dress is perfect I will vomit on them exorcist style. Wedding dress sales people are the worst kind of people ever. The worst is how they pretend to give AF about your wedding and your fiancé and how you met. I found the entire process annoying and I’m glad my mom and Ali were there to make fun of the ugly dresses and annoying sales girls. It was like we slowly crushed the dreams of others.
Random over eager stranger: “DID YOU SAY YES TO THAT DRESS???????!!!!”
Me: “NO.”
Mom: “Ew I can’t stand when people say that..”
Random over eager stranger: “😪”

Luckily though, I bought a dress and never have to deal with that shit again.

So Spokane is lovely. One day I want to go back and shop for regular stuff! We had lunch at this super old and ritzy hotel and felt like rich people. It was fun!


Off to go curling now! Turns out, it’s impossible to work out or be on a diet when mom is in town. Just impossible.

I just. Can’t. Even.


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