On the third day, it snowed


NOW I am ready to bunker down and never leave my big beautiful house. FOR 3 MONTHS. It is ungodly beautiful here. I will admit, it was a struggle living in Karlin’s parents basement this summer while we built the house. A REAL struggle. Like I had a few triple Ativan days that I am not proud of. And I wasn’t sure how the rest of my life was going to play out because all I knew was big cities and busy lives. But now that we are in our own house, I think I could really get used to the small town living. I will ALWAYS miss my friends and it sucks I don’t get to see my only niece grow up every week. But one day I will have my own family and that will occupy my time. Fuck do I not look forward to that day when I decide to get pregnant. Poor Karlin. I predict pregnancy being very hard on me, considering I can pretty much feel an advil dissolve and disperse through my veins. Any sort of hormonal change shocks my body. Poor KARLIN again. I was working out in the basement this morning and was blasting music. Karlin came downstairs and came around the corner and scared me (like just surprised me, he wasn’t trying to scare me) and I felt absolute rage course through me. Because he scared me. By accident. I had to remind myself that feeling that amount of rage for that reason was not a normal reaction and that it was probably because I am expecting my period next week. SIDE RANT: I hate women that make pet names for their period or say things like ‘preggers’. Grow the fuck up. You didn’t get “preggers” because a man stuck his peeper in your woohoo. Call them what they are you losers. Cocks and cunts. Fuck. END OF SIDE RANT. Anyways, Poor Karlin! I’m glad he accepts and understands that when I am being crazy, it is not personal.

Oh ya. So I finished my 21 Day Meditation Challenge today. Have to admit, I’m not really sure if I gained anything from it. It was more of an experiment. There were maybe 4 days that I felt like it taught me something and I will say that I have a more positive outlook on certain parts of my life though. Mainly that positive attitudes attract positive results. SO la dee da. Challenge complete. Will I continue to meditate? Maybe once or twice a week. But probably not every day. Will I pay Oprah and Deepak Chopra money to have them recite guided meditations for me? Fuck nooooo.



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