I need wine

I feel like I am going to die if I don’t have a bottle glass of wine today. After working out and eating like a rabbit all week, turns out, I GAINED weight. Pretty much the most opposite result I could have hoped for. SO I went on the elliptical forever and did my challenges then took Crockett down to the crick with Karlin.

More importantly though, we are going to see Dumb and Dumber TOO tonight and I am fucking stoked. Also, I am having a good hair day. Things are looking up!

Anyways, enough about my boring life. I want to make some Christmas wreaths. Because I am Martha Stewart. This is what I am going to attempt.

4f684e129bf1acd81b9dca29ebf24d89Karlin’s mother and aunt made us go foraging with them the other weekend and we made Christmas baskets. I became hooked on foliage. Is that a real word? Foliage? These are what we created.

1610822_10154821121065500_7506838038197726393_nI thought they were pretty fucking impressive. So I am thinking if i gather similar materials and some additional twigs, I can create a disastrous looking wreath to hang proudly on our door. Pinterest is a really bad thing for someone in between jobs. Sometimes I get these ideas that I could open up a shop on etsy and be one of those really talented crafty people who make useless shit and sell them for above market prices. How does etsy work anyways? How do these vendors get away with selling hand knit scarves for $40. Malarky I tell you. However, I made my Christmas presents for my family and friends this year and they are really fucking amazing. I will post pics after Christmas so nobody knows what I made them. Assuming someone I know might read my blog.

Ok au revoir.


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